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Playgroup is the most exciting yet important phase of your child. The children for the first time come out of the comfort of their parents and start to interact with the environment. During the Playgroup we ensure that a child develops affection towards the school, make new friends, understand student- teacher relationship and most importantly know that their is a world outside their home. During Playgroup no formal learning process starts in while the learning happens through themes and play activities. We focus a lot on improving the gross muscle development during this age through Montessori mode.

The Playgroup program at Little Kidz focuses on the following aspects of a child:

Motor Skills: The Playgroup children are exposed to an atmosphere where they spend maximum time in exploration and minimum time in the classroom. The focus is more on developing their fine and gross motor skills through circle time activities, stage activities, walk on the sand pit and soft gym activities.

Social Skills: Children are taught social skills through engaging in conversations in group, stage activities and rhyme fun time.

Emotional Skills: At Kids Castle we help a child to express their emotions right from joy to frustration and happy to sad. Also the young one's know about life's critical learning's like sharing, co-operations, helping, respecting elders etc.

Age: 1 Year 8 Months onwards

Workshops for Expecting Mothers are also conducted!

Admissions for Play Group are open through out the year!

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