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Our Curriculum 

Completing a decade of teaching & learning from children, our curriculum is ad dynamic as them. It's age appropriate and is designed from Multiple Intelligence concept to develop their personality & equip them with stronger foundation needed in today's world through fun, games, love & laughter. with continuous R&D, a time tested methodology is derived using advanced bled of Playway- Montessori Concepts.

Little Kidz Advantage!

  • Hygiene & Safely.

  • C.C.T.V. Enabled Campus.

  • Child Friendly Ambiance.

  • Encouraging Parents Participation.

  • Constant Parent-Teacher Communication.

  • Strong Foundation for Higher formal schooling.

  • Fastest growing preschool chain helps transfers easy.

  • We establish a bond with the kids to make them feel at home and to enhance their interest & receptiveness.



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